Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins

Do you take medications for:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Hormone / Birth Control

If so, you may be experiencing drug-induced nutrient depletion. Many prescription medications can deplete vital nutrients that your body needs to function optimally, which can make you feel rundown, cause sleep disturbances or a cause a variety of other problems. Talk with our pharmacists about SolutionsRx Restore Vitamins and Supplements.

Solutions Rx Restore vitamins and minerals are created for total absorption by embracing 3 key techniques:

  • The majority of the minerals in Solutions Rx Restore are chelated. This process makes the mineral appear more organic to the body in addition to being better absorbed.
  • In each formula, there is an enzyme blend present. Enzymes shred the vitamins and minerals down for full absorption. In most situations, vitamins and minerals will not be absorbed at all without the presence of enzymes.
  • Each tablet contains a pH-sensitive coating which allows the enzymes to be release in the small intestine. Vitamins and minerals are absorbed best here.